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Gebuwin Winches

Gebuwin invest a lot of energy in developing new lifting and hoist products for numerous industries including the maritime, theatre and mechanical engineering sectors

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Novawinch Winches

Novawinch has been supplying winches to the vehicle recovery, heavy haulage and equipment supply sectors since 1997

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Warrior Winches

Warrior Winches are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.

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Tepa-mec Winches

Founded in 1992 Tepa-Mec offer highly professional products for both pulling and lifting force

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Maypole Winches

Maypole is proud of it’s great heritage of manufacturing and distributing products which are supplied into Automotive, Trailer, Towing, Leisure, Marine and Agricultural markets.

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UK Winch & Hoist Suppliers

Winches UK  are authorised distributors for major brand names including Warrior Winches, Gebuwin winches, Novawinch winches,  Tepamec Winches and LTPRTZ Automotive lighting .

Winches UK was launched 1992 and we have been supplying hand winches, electric winches, hydraulic winches, capstan winches, marine winches  & air winches ever since.

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Winches, Hoists, Winch Ropes & Winch Accessories

Winches UK suppliers of  Novawinch winches,  Warrior winches, Gebuwin winches, Tepamec winches, ropes and winch accessories.

Everyday items used by millions of people worldwide – Winches, Hoists, Wire Ropes, Synthetic Ropes,  items we use on a regular basis and in many cases without a second thought and for an infinite amount of applications.

Here at WinchesUK Limited we make sure when you buy a winch or a hoist that you get the correct lifting or pulling device for the application/purpose.

Whether it be a 4×4 winch, hand winch, trailer winch, winch for your ATV, marine winch, theatre winch or an industrial winch you can make your order online with us.

Where you are not sure which winch you need or if you cannot see what you are looking for take a look at our  Frequently asked winch questions – Winch FAQs , email us on sales@winches-uk.co.uk or call us on  01884 308204 for friendly help and advice.

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