Do you know your ropes? – Winches UK

Do you know your ropes?

The majority of winches come, as standard, with an included wire rope, however a great deal of users believe that synthetic ropes offer a better winching experience than wire.

Wire ropes remain the most common, and for obvious reasons. It is exceptionally strong, has a long life and resists abrasions exceptionally well. Over time, however, wire ropes can corrode, fray and sometimes break. If this happens under tension, a steel cable can cause serious injury because of the amount of potential energy stored in the cable.

This is why many off-road-racing enthusiasts and off-road events require using only synthetic ropes. Synthetic lines are considerably lighter and hold far less less potential energy, so if they snap under tension, there’s less chance of injury or damage. The upside of  a synthetic rope is that they are much lighter than a wire rope, also much stronger. However, their drawback is that they don’t resist abrasions well and they are more expensive.