Tepamec 500 General Purpose Capstan Winch

Tepamec 500 General Purpose Capstan Winch

£1,156.99 (Inc VAT)

Tepamec 500 General Purpose Capstan Winch


Tepamec 500 General Purpose Capstan Winch

A general purpose winch with a wide range of applications. Particularly suited for long
continuous pulls or lifts in an outside environment.


  • Pulling force max. 500kg.
  • Lifting force with rope drum max. 280kg.
  • Pulling speed 3-10m/min depending on the load and the drill used.  
  • Drill recommended for pulling: a standard electric drilling machine
    620W, 35Nm, 550rpm. A model with power over load protection must be used on lifting operations. (Drill is not included)
  • The gear is self-retaining of max 300 kg of pulling force.
  • Drill can also be mounted in horizontal plane allowing working in very narrow space.
  • CE –marking.
  • Weight 15kg excluding drill & optional extras

Optional extras

  • Rope drum
  • Wire drum (5mm x 50m max)
  • Cable pusher (without rollers)
  • Wire rope guide
  • Rope arrester (obligatory in lifting applications)